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By solosmusiccafe, Oct 2 2017 06:09PM

Connexins Internet and VOIP protocol Telephone Service.

We are very happy with the Internet & Phone service we are getting from Connexin.

This works by using the non KC internet service to provide us a very quick satellite dish based internet connection. That enables us to offer free WiFi to customers at Solos. We also have a Connexins telephone modem and cordless phone so that we use the internet service to link us with the outside world on our 01482 telephone contact number.. This number is provided to us by Connexins through their own arrangement with KC. There is some unique flexibility for their customers too in so far as they can opt to take an STD code associated with another UK region.

Our Internet speed is very quick compared to KC and we have now overcome some early issues we had which arose from us taking our wireless feed from a distant transmitter station. This meant the phone voice quality was intermittently poor and the internet signal occasionally weak. Connexins dealt with this promptly Now we have had our dish re-alligned to the equipment on Boothferry Estate's Torpoint Flats transmitter it works superbly.

In Line with the rest of Connexins customers Solos has just had a software update to the VOIP Telephone system which should improve call connectivity and clarity.

We have also finally eliminated the Voicemail box which Isn't monitored within our contract. This will improve our customer service and efficiency

Since our first posts regarding this partnership, their customer service has been good and their technical service and reliability has got better and better. Occasionally in our earliest days there were hiccups with the service during spate conditions of heavy weather [ in particular hail or heavy snow]. This also has stabilised presumably due to improvements in their infrastructure, soft and hardware.

Many Thanks Connexins!

By solosmusiccafe, May 12 2014 10:24PM

September 2017

This has been a great year for Solos. We now have three regular weekend evening resident acts per month on the 1st second and last Friday evenings of each month.

Two Short Planks. Don't Mean Jack and Urban Rain each play from about 7.30pm finishing at closing time which for us is normally 10 to 10.15.

We have hosted a greater number of private parties than previous years which does help to support the free live music evenings which are always very good, usually very well attended but very occasionally for no apparent reason not.

We'll continue these but whereas we embraced a policy of taking absolutely no private bookings on a weekend [ in order to promote gauranteed free live music every single week], this is a luxury we can no longer indulge.

This simply means that booking [which has always been advisable] is even more advisable.

Towards the year end we can promise some really fabulous entertainers who have not performed too widely in the Hull area, and as such their presence at Solos is cause for a certain amount of excitement.

These events will necessarily incorporate a cover charge [or be an all inclusive package of meal and entertainment] . This again is a departure from how we normally roll at Solos but all these events will feature great music, food and represent Staggeringly good value for money.

By solosmusiccafe, Apr 27 2014 06:10PM

Fran and I have no regrets as yet and although it is hard work there are plenty of more uplifting rewards than the [currently elusive] hefty income from Solos.

The last few weeks has seen some great music played within our modest walls from friends of the Cottingham Springboard fraternity who i'm eternally grateful to for their support.

There have also been a number new young up and coming musicians who I'll not name for fear of missing a name or two off the list, but amongst themdefinitely musicians to listen out for in the future.

The one guest who has put us on the map in our fledgeling days is none other than 70's musical icon Gordon Giltrap who paid us a visit an performed imptomptu both solo and with the wonderful Carrie Martin who has been nothing short of brilliant in her support of us, week in & week out.

There'll be impromptu live music at solos daily and also prearranged performances on Friday & Saturday early evenings.

Pop In & see us!!


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